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About The Man Of God


Thabo Victorious, is the President of Gospel Arena International, Gospel Dynamics TV and Apostle Thabo Online Ministries. He is an Apostle and a Prophet and a prolific minister of the gospel with diverse ministry gifts which have been the channel God has used to give thousands salvation, purpose and a total supply of the divine Life in Christ. His ministry continues to impact countless lives-individuals launching people into lives of discovered purpose and unlocked potential, and corporately ushering the global church into a greater revelation of demonstrating the Kingdom of God on Earth. As a former sales and marketing executive, Thabo blends ministerial and entrepreneurial applications in his ministry to enrich and empower a diverse audience with the skills and abilities to takes kingdoms for the Lord Jesus Christ. With an international itinerant ministry, he has transformed the lives of many through his wisdom and revelation of God's kingdom

The background

Raised in a Christian family and introduced to the Lord as a child, by the age of 8, Thabo was already exposed to ministering to large crowds in Crusades and this passion has grown with him. As he remained consistent in searching the Scriptures, God begun to develop a prophet and Apostle in Him. This passion for the Word is evident in the way he vibrantly and energetically teaches with exceptional insight! His services are full of life as God always confirms His Word with miracles, signs and wonders! He is truly sent to this generation to raise a type of the Church of Jesus that will function in the full capacity of power that God intended for her!

Impacting the lives of many through the Word of God

Reaching out to the world

Preaching the good news of Christ