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Our Gospel

In the following passage the man of God defines and summarizes the Tenets of the Gospel.

I have preached the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as commissioned by the Lord in Matthew 28:19-20/ Mark 16:15-18. But after many years of study and field ministry, I didn’t fully understand the Tenets of the Gospel, until the Lord revealed them to me through the Ministry of my Spiritual Father Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. The day I heard about the tenets of the Gospel, my ministry life was redefined and I looked at the gospel differently.

As you study these tenets of the gospel of Jesus Christ, don’t be afraid to reset your understanding of the gospel, I suggest that you open your Bible and believe every word your see that constitute these tenets. But first and foremost, I want us to define tenets!

What are Tenets?

Tenets are key elements that are central to the gospel and form the new covenant doctrine. These are not promises, but statements of truth; declaring what the Lord has already accomplished for us in Christ. These are Teachings and Principles that are believed to be true and constitute the important part of a belief or idea. They are the basic truths we must communicate again and again. On these truths stands the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are not careful you can believe a lie. The fivefold ministry is given for the perfecting od the saints for the work of the ministry.

The gospel is Good News… Good news for the sick person, good news for failures, good news for the sinner, good news for everyone. It is the good news and fundamental truth to our Christian faith.

Romans 1:16-17 The gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believe, that is why every doctrine taught should be measured against the tenets of the gospel. Whatever we teach is based on the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. What we teach is consistent with the message of the Gospel. Our gospel is not based in experience but is totally based on the Word of God. Many followed experiences of people and ended up following false teachings, because those were not based on the gospel. Know the statements of truths about what we have received. Once you know these tenets of the gospel, you will just know what to take and what to leave; and you will know where you are going. No matter what someone brings to you, you’ll know what to measure it with. Many people have followed wrong manifestations of demons because they didn’t know. That why the greatest thing is knowledge. Hence because of these tenets I cannot fail!!!

(The 8 Statements of Truth about the Gospel)

  1. Eternal Life
  2. Righteousness
  3. A Kingdom that is not of this world
  4. The remission of sins
  5. Deliverance
  6. Healing and Divine Health
  7. Peace – that comes with the gospel
  8. Prosperity

These are the statements of truth by the gospel. Whether you know or you don’t know, once you are born again, these are working in you!!!

I am commissioned to preaching these tenets of the Gospel.

God bless you 

Thabo Victorious

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