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A Child Equates to a Generation

Take care of one child to impact a generation

Thabo Victorious Foundation​

The Thabo Victorious Foundation is a faith based Non-Governmental Organisation in consultative status. It is an outreach that reaches out to indigent children living in the rural places of the world with no resources and no aid.

Established in 2020, the Thabo Victorious Foundation reaches out to orphans and vulnerable children indigent children living in deprived communities and the forgotten places of our world.

Through the outreach’s sustainable and participatory interventions via its Early childhood development, Child care and support, Health and Nutrition, Family Strengthening, this foundation helps these destitute children in families, households, community schools and orphanages and related institutions who have become deprived, vulnerable and excluded by poverty.


Lighting up the world with kingdom resources and changing lives for better, affecting generations through strategic methods…

Impacting the lives of many through the Word of God